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How to Use WeatherFile

In the Settings menu:
• Select - Time as GMT (UTC) or Local Time.
• Select - Wind Speed units as Metres per Second, Kilometers
   per Hour, Miles per Hour or Knots (m/s, kph, mph, kts).

Every Blue Dot (an ActiveGeotag) on the map shows the position of an active sensor site that is sending live data. The ActiveGeotag shows the Live Wind Speed and Direction and is updated every 10 seconds.

When you click on an ActiveGeotag, the location name and the last averaged weather detail and its time will be shown.

By selecting 'View live graphs & data' you will be able to view the selected sites Dashboard along with its trends graphs and data tables.

Time ranges are selectable from 'Last 3 hours' through to 'Last 14 days'.

The People Behind WeatherFile

Richard Paul Russell have been recording live weather data for well over 15 years. Our archives provide a wealth of data events for weather historians and comprehensive data is available over greater time periods by contacting was developed to allow access to real-time Data from many professional ultrasonic Wind and Weather sensors located Worldwide. The public site of Weatherfile shows the full range of data available from the sensors, the sensors vary from Wind Speed and Direction through to the full range of data from a professional weather station.

Over the years Richard Paul Russell Ltd have been providing systems to world leading sporting teams, major events organisations, industrial companies and individuals. We do not show the weather data of those who don't want to share their data.

What's New in 2018?

WeatherFile 2.6 Is Even Quicker
Using our new caching engine, we are able to deliver to you weather data faster than ever.
This works especially well with the growing number of locations on your Google map.

Change Map Units In Realtime
A common request from our users, change your chosen units from the drop down on the Google map.

Blue Dots (ActiveGeotag) Change Colour When Very Windy
Our new ActiveGeotags turn yellow when they reach Beaufort Force 8 (Gale Force) and then progressively turn red as wind speed increases - a simple way to see which locations are very windy.

Email & SMS Notifications
Registered users can benefit from notifications when a location reaches a certain threshold (which you can define). Users can activate both Email and SMS to run simultaneously.

Data Downloads
You can download data (in .csv format) for the last 14 days without charge. If you require additional historical data please contact

New & Interesting Sites

Dunkirk Harbour, France
DFDS Seaways Ferry Terminal required Local Wind Speed and Direction for Cross-Channel Ferry berthing operations. They use a Windsonic WS1 Ultrasonic Sensor with a WeatherFile Connection Unit (WCU) to connect to via their local LAN.

Green Park, Aston Clinton
Activity centre with large inflatable 'Bubble Bases' providing a futuristic environment for groups to enjoy the feeling of being outside whilst dry & warm. Using a FlexiMetGSM with a Windsonic WS1 Ultrasonic sensor, connected by 3G SIM to WeatherFile.

Stornoway Port, Isle of Lewis
This site uses a full Weather Station (MetPak) with local display and data logger to the local LAN connecting via ethernet. Stornoway Port has a local information passenger display Kiosk which includes weather data.

Guildhall, London
More than 800 years old (Built between 1411 and 1440) and steeped in tradition, Guildhall is the Home to the City of London Corporation.
A FlexiMetGSM with a MaxiMet GMX500 advanced compact weather station, is mounted on the Guildhall roof terrace.